Servocity Arm Wench


Servocity Arm Wench in Servo Tray

Photo courtesy of Bob Eger

For those skippers who are asking about Servo City arm winches, here is the information. Servocity contact information, email phone 620-221-0123. Drive servo is an HS-755HB, gear ratio is 7:1,TM-D950TW-180 servo gearbox in stock rotation. You must specify that you want the winch programmed for 180 degrees of rotation. This will produce about 3200oz-inches of torque which is plenty for the large J models. Power is provided from a 6V gel cell battery and you must use a Y harness to get full power to the winch. The cost of the winch assembled is about $260. Just a personal observation, it is well worth the assembly fee to have them do the assembly.


Servocity Gear Box TM-D950TW-180


Hitec HS-755HB