Road to the NCR


Keep checking back and follow Dan & Gene as they travel from Sacramento CA to Mystic Seaport

Loading the trailer. Headed out Monday morning bright and early.  We will load all 7 boats into the truck and trailer for the 3,000 miles to Mystic.  Three SVEA hulls to race, one Ranger that I am loaning to Perrotti performance design to race, two customer hulls and the plug for Perrotti.   Plus sails, masts, lead ballast,radio gear and spares. Looking forward to a great trip!


Trailer and truck loaded. 4 full boats to race, 2 hulls for customers, 1 plug, 456 lbs of lead, support gear, 11 mast blanks and a partridge in a pear tree. 


Everything is packed up and we used lots of foam to cushion the boats.  This will be quite the adventure with 7 J boats cross country.  It’s kind of like the Cannonball Baker Sea to Shinning Sea Memorial Trophy Dash of the 70’s, but you would have to be my age to remember that one, and we will be quite a bit slower.

Mystic here we come!


We begin the journey! 8-5-19


We are taking highway 80 all the way to the east coast.  Heading out of Sacramento, Ca this morning we hope to hit Salt Lake City by this evening after driving through CA, Nevada, and Utah.  Tomorrow it is on through Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa where we will probably spend the night in Davenport.  


Crossing over Donner summit and leaving California

Wednesday we will pass through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and hopefully Pennsylvania depending on traffic and any flooding along the way.  Then it is on to New York then Connecticut on Thursday.


Stopped for lunch at the Cowpoke Cafe in Lovelock Nevada.

After a long day.....made it to Utah!

7:45 pm and putting Salt Lake City in the rear view mirror. 

Day 2.........8-6-19


After spending the night in Evanston Wyoming it's a 7 am start on day two.


10:23 am crossing the Continental Divide


Quick pit stop just between Laramie and Cheyenne. Next stop will be in Nebraska. Total miles so far 1065


T.J. Perrotti sent me this photo of Gene and Dan on their mad cross-country trek. Spotted in Wyoming somewhere. ( A reference from Gene in the third paragraph)

Thanks T.J. Made me laugh and look for the movie!


Day 3.......8-7-10

Yesterday somewhere in Nebraska. On the road again this morning at 6:30am. At this time we are about 40 miles west of Des Moines. CD player in truck is in-op.

We made it to Illinois, no shots fired yet. Dan is getting 21 mpg and I average 18 mpg, there is no justice 


2 PM, they charged us $2.20 to leave Illinois and we gladly paid, Hope they use it to fix I80.  Dan is now up to 21.2 mpg, playing the cruise control like a Stratvarious!

Cruising thru Mishawaka. On pace for Toledo or further. 


Bob & Linda Eger have arrived in Mystic

One third of team SVEA has arrived in Mystic.  


Can't wait for Gene and Dan to arrive.  Our first meal, lobster roll!!


Last fuel stop of the day near Cleveland after 634 miles on the last tank.  Beautiful scenery, everything is green and lush.  Driver change so Dan has the final leg into Pennsylvania tonight.  With an early start tomorrow we plan on an actual sit down dinner tomorrow in Mystic!


Day 4.......8-8-19

On the road again.  Just a short 6 hour shot to Mystic. The dream is almost fulfilled.  7 J boats from California to the eastern seaboard.


Made it to New Jersey 


Noon on the George Washington bridge headed toward White Plains then 2 hours to Mystic 


Made it!


Having lunch with Bob & Linda


Sacremento Model Yacht Club SVEA skippers together in Mystic.

Let the racing begin!

And The Long Road Home!


Returning home through Iowa with all it's wind farms I wanted to thank all of our fans for following our adventure.